Friday, April 27, 2012

The Legacy of Time

We are all subject to it.  No one escapes it.  We are slaves to it.  Yet, none of us - at least those who have a firm; OK relatively firm; grasp on reality are willing to stop it.

What is IT?

Time.  That one element all men and women are tied-to and equal from beginning to end.  Everyone has the same amount of time - no matter whom you are; where you come from; what you believe; how you got here; when you arrive or depart.  We all bow to the same tick of the clock.

Our past is the time - spent and seen - in our rear-view mirror. And it's a really good idea to check it once in a while; actually more often than that, but at least once-in-a-while.

The more we seek out the wisdom from the 'rear-view-mirror', the more we're likely to avoid the same - or similar - pitfalls of the past.  Whether we made them; some relative from the past; or other close associated relationship; knowing what didn't work before can help us avoid the same problems in the future. 

This is another piece of advice we'd do well in keeping close-at-mind: 

Everything recycles, returns, shows back up at our front door looking for a decision.

This is another bit of rear-view-mirror-gemology where Heritagekeeping is strong on:
Making the case for archiving the lessons of the past, so they will be available to those future travelers to consult with as they proceed along the Path of Life. 

Heritagekeeping is the gift that keeps on giving.

Joins us in the Quest.  You only have the future of humanity to effect.